Arduino/ATtiny Shield

Since we cannot use the default ICSP pins (not all 6) to program an ATtiny with the Arduino as ISP it seems useful to have an Arduino shield for programming an ATtiny.

The Arduino ISP ICSP setup:

(using Arduino pin 10 instead of the reset pin)


To go back to the basic setup we need to use these pins on the arduino:


It seems useful to create a shield that takes care of the proper wiring ... however on top of that it should also be a breadboard plug-able device which prevents moving the ATtiny itself all the time.

To create this we need to make the 8 pin socket on the bottom of the Arduino shield in a place where it could fit while pluged on the Arduino board.

There is also the mismatch on the Arduino pin rows which needs to be solved.

Some visualisation with Fritzing

The basic idea


(connections are done with ATtiny upside down in mind)

The mismatch of the pin rows


(connections are done with ATtiny upside down in mind)

To solve the problem with the Arduino pins we need to use perfboard with larger holes to tune up the header pins (soldering in place on the arduino)

The result

2014-10-13 13.22.38.jpg 2014-10-11 22.36.37.jpg

The build proces

Traces and headers Strips for support
2014-10-11 22.35.14.jpg 2014-10-11 22.36.08.jpg
Without wires Wires placed
2014-10-11 22.36.17.jpg 2014-10-11 23.33.04.jpg

How to use

Shield on the Arduino Uno Flip over Placed on a breadboard
2014-10-13 13.22.38.jpg 2014-10-13 12.31.53.jpg 2014-10-13 12.32.11.jpg

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