NodeJS for ARM

This setup can be used on any ARM related boards like a RaspberryPi (model B v.2 with a default raspian installation Wheezy) or a BeagleBoneBlack (model revC 4gb with bone-debian-7.9).

Compiling node.js can take several hours on these small boards. You can copy/paste the following codes one by one and have a functional nodejs setup when finished.

Make sure you can access the board over ssh ...

Once you have access with ssh you should be able to paste the following code's in the terminal one by one and end with a functional NodeJS installation. (on linux copy with: Ctrl-c and paste in the terminal with Ctrl-Shift-v or Ctrl-Shift-insert)

Start here:

ssh user@your_local_ip 


ssh user@

Start the installation

cd /

Install python, g++ and make

sudo apt-get install python g++ make

Create a folder for node

mkdir ~/nodejs && cd $_

Get the latest node version

wget -N


tar xzvf node-latest.tar.gz && cd `ls -rd node-v*`



Make (this step takes about 2.5 hours ...)

sudo make install

Check the version

...confirm that Node is installed properly by checking the version:

node -v

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