Using the TinyUSBboard as AVR programmer

The TinyUSBboard can be used as an AVR programmer.

We need to upload the programmer.hex to the board and after that it can be used as USBasp for programming.

Download the software

Download the programming .hex file from the Matrixstorm website:


(and safe it as rev3_usbaspprogrammer.hex)

Connect TinyUSBboard (rev.3 and the SMT rev.4) to usb

Browse in the terminal to rev3_usbaspprogrammer.hex.

Check with avrdude if the board is ready

avrdude -c usbasp -p m8

Avrdude will show that the device is ready

(if not press the program button ... and while pressing the program button click on the reset button)

Load the programmer software

avrdude -c usbasp -p m8 -F -u -U flash:w:rev3_usbaspprogrammer.hex

Now the TinyUSBboard is ready to be used as USBasp programmer (with both Avrdude and the Arduino IDE)

Breadboard setup

(programming an ATmega328-PU)

2014-12-07 11.37.40.jpg

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