TinyUSBboard/USBasp program board

If you use the TinyUSBboard as USBasp programmer on a regular base it could be useful to make the setup more permanent.

2015-06-25 11.36.00.jpg 2015-06-25 15.19.41.jpg

Liberate your breadboard



A sketch with Fritzing showing the connections including the 4MHz rectangular clock at PB1 (see also: info about 4MHz rectangular clock) and a 0.10 uF capacitor (marking 104) on vcc and gnd.

The board allows placement of both the rev3, rev3 THT DIY PCB and the rev4 TinyUSBboards.

Compatible boards

rev3 rev3 THT DIY PCB rev4
2015-06-25 15.12.31.jpg 2015-06-25 14.32.59.jpg 2015-06-25 14.34.40.jpg

Images of the board

top bottom
2015-06-25 14.30.37.jpg 2015-06-25 14.31.56.jpg

Stick some foam (double sided tape ... the same as under regular breadboards) to the bottom to protect the board from shorts while using on the workbench.

2015-06-25 15.24.19.jpg

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